Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's Better than Christmas Cookies? Board Game Cookies!

Who needs lousy ol' Christmas cookies with malformed angels, moldy green food coloring, and burnt biscuits covered in insipid red sugar? Any board game fan worth her salt (or his salt) knows that board game cookies are the way to go. Wow your friends with these holiday creations that will have them oooohing and aaaahhhing....or wondering what dark hole you crawled out of.

....Okay, let's face it: No one in your family will appreciate the carefully crafted replicas or obscure gaming references. But that doesn't matter. You'll know. And out there, us other nerds stand with you.

Need inspiration? Let's take a look at the work of some people who clearly don't have children or full-time jobs. Oh hell, I'm just saying that because I'm jealous.

Cookies of Catan

 Monopoly Cookies

C-C-C-Carcassonne C-C-Cookies

Giant Battlestar Galactica Cookie
('sup Cylons!)

Scrabble Cookies
...for people who really aren't up for a lot of artistic rendering....or frosting colors

Meeple Cookies case you can't pick a game

...or if you can't take the time to craft cookies and fondle frosting bags, then just consider plating your normal Christmas cookies and using your retired Trivial Pursuit game board as a doily placemat.

Except you might want to advise your friend in the douchey shirt not to stick the cookies up his nose. Not cool man.


  1. Likewise! I think that my own post has inspired me to go all Agricola on some cookies this year. Or maybe something else....Small World would require too much talent, and Pandemic might be a bit...unappetizing.

    Will post pics if I'm able to get gamelicious making cookies!